Skater Plus+:对话Omar Salazar & Stefan Janoski

Theotis BeasleyEric Koston之后,Skater Plus+继续对话在之前Nike City Jam活动来到中国的另两位Nike 国际队员Omar Salazar与Stefan Janoski。


对话Omar Salazar:

1.Hi,Omar,what do you think of the trip so far and what have you been busy with?

(你好,Omar ,感觉这次旅行怎么样?你最近又在忙些什么?)

Omar Salazar:It’s pretty good,every time i come back to China it feels like i come home probably because i’m part Chinese.People here are really nice.I have been busy with skate trips and staff not much.



2.What is Alien Workshop up to?Girl and Baker are releasing their videos this year,what about Alien Workshop?

Alien Workshop最近在有什么新消息?今年Girl和Baker都会发布自己的新片,那Alien Workshop会在何时发布完整的团队影片呢?

Omar Salazar:We are doing a lot of graphic collabos this year.The most recent one would be the collabo with Keith Haring.As for the new video,i’m not sure when they will release it.Everyone has been getting their parts.So we will just have to wait and see.

(今年是Alien Workshop的合作大年,我们和很多艺术团体/艺术家一起推出了很多合作系列板面。最近是和Keith Haring(美国著名街头艺术家与社会运动者)一同推出的合作系列。至于新片具体的发布时间还不太清楚,每位AWS的队员都在积累他们各自的滑板部分,估计还要耐心的等上一段时间)


3.A lot of Chinese skates especially new skaters are facing great pressure from their parents.When you were young,your father was not fond of you skating ,how do you cope with that?


Omar Salazar:Keep doing!Don’t think too much,you do what you want to do and what you like to do and keep doing them.That’s the best way to fight them back.Just keep doing it.



4.You were playing B.ball with Lebron James and Amar’e Stoudemire,how do you feel playing B.ball with those NBA superstars,and do you like basketball?


Omar Salazar:Ye,sure,it was amazing.Although the score was not so good,i had the best nights in Shanghai.We were there just to have fun so the score didnt really matter.And i can really feel the passion of Chinese public towards sports .



5.You were giving Doom Sayer Stickers and T-Shirts during the event.What is Doom Sayer?

看你在活动期间发给了大家一些Doom Sayer的贴纸以及T恤,Doom Sayer究竟是什么?

Omar Salazar:It is my local skate crew,not so big,but we are pushing it together.Sometimes we will go film something together,hopefully you will see those videos soon.



对话Stefan Janoski:

1.You have created one of the most popular shoe for Nike SB,what is your favorite Janoski of all?

(你创作出了Nike SB最受欢迎的鞋款之一,你最喜欢的Janoski鞋款是哪双?)

Stefan Janoski:It’s really hard to pick only one favorite pair of shoes.I like all of them.For this season(August),i like the camo colorways the best.



2.The “Vineyard”was one of  most  heated pair of Janoskis ever.how did you come up with the idea of that pair?


Stefan Janoski:I came up with the idea when i was at father’s vineyard in northern california.I like wines too,so why not make a shoe having some wine on it.But it was not done right.we will be doing it again.



3.Are you working on Stefan Janoski 2s already or still hanging with more variations of the first model?

现在开始筹划Janoski 2 的设计了么?还是依然在推出更多不同风格/版本的Janoski 1?

Stefan Janoski:I hope they will drop soon.we will still be doing a lot of variations of Janoski 1s before the 2 came out.And you can ID your Janoskis now,make sure you can get your very own pair of Janoski. And I hope your guys will still like the ones i made,(Laugh).

(我也希望Janoski 2可以很快发布,不过在2代上市之前我们还是会做更多风格/版本的Janoski 1,现在你也可以去Nike ID制作一双自己的Janoski,不过还是希望你们会喜欢我所创作出来的Janoski鞋款(笑))。


4.How about the Habitat Video? Have your guys started filming?


Stefan Janoski:We are working on the video, everyone is getting some clips here and there.But it’s not gonna come any time soon.



5.To those new skaters ,what do you think they should focus on ,could you give them some advice?


Stefan Janoski:I think they should see the fun side of skateboarding.Don’t think too much of being a Pro skater or whatever.The fun of skating is what you really should focus on.Doesn’t matter what tricks you do ,as long as you have fun with them.



The End

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