Skate Plus+:Vans职业滑手Dan Sonsrichai AKA“皮蛋”专访

皮蛋你好,请问你名字的全称是什么,你来自哪里 目前的赞助商有哪些?

whats up PDan,Most skaters only know you as PDan,what is your full name and where r you originally from?

PDan:Full name is Daniel Jacob Sonsrichai. Born in Louisiana,grew up in L.A.

我的全名是Daniel Jacob Sonsrichai,在路易斯安那州出生,洛杉矶成长。


Who r your current sponsors and what do you wanna say to them?

PDan:My Sponsors are Vans Shoes and Apparel , Society Skateboards,Independent Trucks, ATD Dist.,Groovy Shades, Faith Skate shop.I would like to thank all my sponsors for the support and rad products!

我的赞助商包括Vans 鞋品及服饰,社会滑板,Independent,ATD,Groovy Shades,Faith Skateshop,我非常感谢我所有的赞助商能提供我这么多超级好的产品。


PDan:I grew up in L.A. and the first time i knew about skateboarding was when i some some neighbors skating around i thought i would be fun, My brother hooked me up with my first board at the age of 12. Xu ying was the biggest influence in china, the dude helped me get where i am today!


what is it like being a member of Society Skateboards?and what are you guys planning to do recently?


PDan:Its cool, awesome homies and good times. We are planing a trip to GZ,SZ,and HK at some point.


Heard you already r a father.How is the kid now,what is it feel like being a father/skateboarder


PDan:My son is awesome!Love every moment with home. Being a skater/dad is rad!Hopefully when he’s older he will be kicking my ass in skate!


Who r your favorite skaters in China and around the globe?


PDan:Fav China skaters: Xu Ying,Cyres Wang, Wang Gua Hua, Dan Leung. Fav Globally: Bryan Herman, Slash, Heath Kirchart, Angel Ramirez.

最喜欢的国内滑手:许莹,汇丰,王国华,还有Dan。国际的就是Bryan Herman,Slash,Heath Kirchart还有Angel Ramirez。

You are also touring with Vans this year,what r the most impressive thing happened to you?


PDan:All tours are usually impressive for myslef and others. Every body shreds hard on tour and its always a good time.



You Just came back from ardent skatepark,how r the things doing in there?when will it open?

PDan:Ardent skatepark is sick! Not sure when it opens but when it does you will know!

Ardent 板场很不错!具体什么时候开门还不太清楚,不过开门的时候相信大家都能知道!

“Light Up and Live”

Peace ya’ll!!!

Post By: Vince @ 十二 19, 2012
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