2012 Hong Kong Go skateboarding Day (6-23)

今年的香港地区Go Skateboarding Day毫无疑问将会载入当地滑板史册,因为这是到目前为止,品牌参与数量最多的一届,很多彼此视为竞争对手的同类品牌在香港极限运动协会和香港滑板协会的牵手下前所未有的走到了一起,共同赞助即将到来的香港Go Skateboarding Day活动。这些赞助商包括 Vans, Nike SB, Converse, adidas, Lakai, 电子腕表品牌G-Shock, 以及运动饮料品牌Red Bull.此外香港地区最有影响力的两大滑板店铺8FIVE2SHOP 和HKIT将再次联合支持本次GSD.
Hong Kong  Federation of Extreme Sports (X-Fed)   and All Hong Kong Skateboards Association (AHKSA)

Hong Kong Go Skateboarding Day 2012 (HK GSD 2012)

Hong Kong GSD will mark the most official Go Skateboarding Day to date.  With so many companies and organizations involved for the first time together for one event, Hong Kong GSD will be the largest organized Skate event with all the core supporters in HK Skateboarding involved together such as Vans, Nike SB, Converse, adidas, Lakai, G-Shock, and Red Bull.  Through their generous sponsorships, we are able to give it back to the local skateboarders through cash prizes and products to acknowledge their achievements and dedication to Skateboarding.
Two of Hong Kong’s most legit and core skateboard shops; 8FIVE2SHOP and HKIT are also fully supporting the event.
Itinerary of events:
11:00 a.m: Meet at Morrison Hill Wan Chai skatepark which is Hong Kong’s first and most well-known skatepark throughout the world.
2:00 p.m: Move on to Diamond Hill skatepark to peacefully ask the government to allow skateboarders to use the facilities.
3:00 p.m: Move on to Mei Foo skatepark where the contests will begin.  The event will end at 8 p.m.
Hope to see you all there that day.

Details of mini events & prizes

1) Vans Highest Ollie Contest

Winner gets HKD6,000 plus products

Vans Ollie 跳高比賽

冠軍得HKD$6000 + 產品

2) Converse Longest Ollie Contest

Winner gets HKD2,000 plus products

Converse Ollie 跳遠比賽

冠軍得HKD$2000 + 產品

3) Nike SB Best Trick Contest

Winner gets HKD2,000 plus products

Nike SB 最佳花式比賽

冠軍得HKD$2000 + 產品

4) adidas First Try Contest

Winner gets HKD1,000 plus product


冠軍得HKD$1000 + 產品

5) Lakai Best Line Contest

Winner gets HKD1,000 plus products


冠軍得HKD$1000 + 產品

6) G-Shock One Minute Flips Contest

Winner gets HKD2,000 plus products

Casio G-Shock一分鐘最多轉板比賽

冠軍得HKD$2000 + 產品

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