小小虎加入FLY STREETWEAR欢迎视频 附最新采访



Skatehere: 给不了解你的人介绍一下你自己今年多大,来自哪里,以及你的赞助商吧?

XXH: 大家好,我叫田佳兴 aka小小虎 今年19岁,来自西安 现在的赞助商有Converse, Justice Skateboards, 别废话, 西安Street Dreams滑板店, 还有这次新的赞助商Fly Streetwear。

Skatehere: For those that don’t know you, can you introduce yourself, how old you are, where you are from, and who you currently ride for?

XXH: Hey, my name is Tian Jia Xing AKA Lil’ Lil’ Tiger, I’m 19 years old, from Xi’An and I’m sponsored by Converse, Justice Skateboards, Bei Fei Hua, Street Dreams Skateshop and the newest one, FLY Streetwear.




Skatehere: 小小虎这个名字是怎么来的?我记得你有一天告诉我你给自己取了一个英文名叫Tagore,我告诉你听起来很像原始人的名字(笑),你怎么想起来取这个名字,你还打算继续叫这个么?

XXH:  一开始滑板的时候西安滑板店的老板叫小虎,我也叫小虎。我一开始也是跟着他一起滑板,所以为了区别就叫小小虎了。因为泰戈尔翻译过来是Tagore 所以会想要叫这个名字,但是我也不知道歪果仁怎么看这个名字,就像他们自己取的中文名也有很多很奇怪的一样吧。

Skatehere: How did the name Xiao Xiao Hu come about? I also remember you telling me one day you chose an english name Tagore, and I told you it sounded like a caveman’s name. How did you get that name and you still plan on using that name for english?

XXH: In Xi’An, the owner of our local skateshop’s name was Xiao Hu (Lil’ Tiger), and my name was as well. When I first started skating, it was with him, so they called me Xiao Xiao Hu to tell us apart (Lil’ Lil’ Tiger). My english name Tagore came about cause I directly translated the chinese phonetic spelling of Tiger. I’m not sure what foreigners will think of this English name, but it’s kind of similar to them choosing a weird Chinese name.




Skatehere: 你来自西安,在那里你觉得西安的滑板气氛怎么样?你一开始滑板的时候谁是你的偶像?怎么开始滑板的?当你滑的越来越好,有任何滑板店在那个时候帮助过你么?

XXH: 我平时都是在鼓楼跟熟悉的哥们一起滑,感觉很棒的。我一开始滑板的时候并不懂得要去多看视频,所以偶像都是身边或者亲眼见过的滑手,滑板没多久的时候在鼓楼看过台湾小胖和山西阳光滑,自己坐在一旁已经看傻了哈哈哈哈。滑板半年的时候西安的Street Dreams滑板店开始赞助我了,店老板也就是小虎,我从一开始就跟着他滑,他教我滑板的基本功,也给我板用,真的很感谢虎哥对我的帮助,让我一开始就可以无忧虑的滑。

Skatehere: What is the scene like in Xi’An, who are some of the locals you skate with back home? Who did you look up to when you first started skating? How did you start skating there and which skateshop helped you out a lot when you were younger?

XXH: I think the scene is pretty good! I usually skate in GuLou with some close friends. When I first started skating I didn’t really understand the concept of watching skate videos, so some of the idols that I have in skateboarding are the skaters I’ve met in person or seen shred it up. I do remember when I first started skating, I saw Xiao Pang from Taiwan and Yang Guang from Shan Xi  shredding it up in Gulou. When I saw them I just sat by the side in awe hahahaha. After I skated for about half a year, I got sponsored by Street Dreams skateshop, whose owner was Lil’ Tiger, and I would skate with him alot. He would teach me the basics of skateboarding and always gave me boards. I really appreciate all the help he gave me; he let me focus on skating and not worry about other things.





XXH: 感觉这两年大家进步都挺快的,我最欣赏应该是跟我滑得比较多的高群翔,他对滑板其实很热爱的,也不像我借口很多哈哈,他以后肯定是pro,跟他一起滑板我们可以相互激励。

Skatehere: Among some of the new guys coming up in China, which ones do you think are killing it the hardest?

XXH: I feel like in the past two years everyone has been progressing really fast. But I think Gao Qun Xiang is killing it the hardest at the moment. We skate together alot, but he knows skateboarding like the back of his hand, and doesn’t have excuses like I do haha He will absolutely go pro in the future, skating with him always motivates me.


Skatehere: 你个人觉得现在世界上现在滑得最好最喜欢的滑手是谁?你有任何特别喜欢的Video Part么?

XXH: 我个人比较喜欢Herman Stane.但是我并不认为他最厉害哈哈哈,有很多喜欢的Video Part,非要说一个的话就是TIGERSTADEN。

Skatehere: Who are some of the skaters you think are killing it right now in the world, and what are some of your favorite video parts?

XXH: I personally really like Herman Stane. But I don’t think he’s killing it the hardest haha There’s alot of video parts I like, but if I had to choose one, it’d be “TIGERSTADEN” part.




Skatehere: 你为什么那么喜欢Backside 360这个动作?你转那么多圈头会晕么?

XXH: 因为在成都看到了日本滑手ikeda daisuke做的特别帅所以也想学,哈哈哈,而且当时不光我一个,有好几个来参加比赛的Pro结束后也都在学。感觉360并不会晕吧。

Skatehere: Why do you like backside 360’s so much and does your head hurt from spinning?

XXH: Because when I went to Chengdu for FISE, I saw Ikeda Daisuke from Japan doing them super stylish and from then on I wanted to learn them hahaha, It wasn’t just me trying to learn it either, all the pros competing in the contest were all trying to learn them haha I definitely don’t get dizzy from doing 360′s.





XXH: 我个人没什么感觉,进了我还是照样滑,没进我也不会说不滑了,我就该干嘛干嘛。对全世界滑板有什么影响可能就是比赛的时候最先代表的是自己的国家,其次才是赞助商了。对中国的影响应该是政府会比以前更支持这项运动,这是一件好事。

Skatehere: How do you view the whole “Skateboarding is in the Olympics” phenomenon? How do you think it will affect the world when it comes to skateboarding, and how do you think it will affect China when it comes to skateboarding?

XXH: I don’t really have any views towards it. Skateboarding entering the Olympics is not going to change the way I skate or how I see skateboarding. But as for what kind of influence it may have to the world…I think during contests you’re going to be representing your country more instead of your sponsors. As for China, I think the government itself will support skateboarding more, which is a good thing.


Skatehere: 你今年也出过另外一个个人视频,last tricks是在深圳5050下的一个大handrail,听说你本来准备做的不是这个动作而是Back Smith,能描述一下那天晚上发生了什么吗?

XXH: 是在广州大学城了,本来想先用5050试一下,再做bs smith的,但是5050成了以后,在一旁一直看的保安突然不让玩了还叫了好几个保安一起,过了好久实在没办法就假装先走了,然后摄影师就一个人先走回去准备好拍,差不多没有感觉了,试了三次,都摔的挺重的,就放弃了。

Skatehere: You released a part earlier this year with a back 50-50 down the handrail as your last trick, I heard you tried to go back for the back smith. Can you give us a bit more story of what happened that night?

XXH: The handrail was at Guangzhou University. I went there knowing I wanted to land the Backside smith, and only 5050 the rail to try it out. But after I landed the 5050, there was a security guard that came and started kicking us out. He then called more and more security guards to come over, and after alot of arguing we packed our things and pretended we were leaving. As the rest of the Converse team chilled out on another side, me and the filmer snuck back to film the trick. But at that point, after all the arguing with the security guards, I wasn’t as warmed up anymore. I gave it 3 tries, bailed pretty hard and ended up giving up.




Skatehere:你怎么加入Fly Streetwear的呢?是因为Game Of Skate里面赢了Johnny Tang么?

XXH: 哈哈哈哈,我好像从来没有赢过Johnny Tang。

Skatehere: How did you end up getting on FLY Streetwear, did you have to beat Johnny Tang in a game of skate?

XXH: hahaha, I’ve never beaten Johnny Tang in a game of skate.


Skatehere: Fly这边的主题一直是Family Dysfunction(混乱家族)所以Fly团队当中谁是最Technical的,谁胆子最大?谁是最严格的?谁喝得最多?谁打架最多?谁拉屎最多?哪个老外中文最好?

XXH: 我觉得johnny应该是最细腻的。Adee应该是胆子最大的。最严格的是Jeff。EQ最爱喝,拉屎也最多,应该中文也是最好的。

Skatehere: FLY keeps stressing Family dysfunction, so who on FLY…is the most technical? Has the biggest balls? Is the most serious? Drinks the most? Fights the most? Shits the most? Which foreigner speaks the best Chinese?

XXH: I think Johnny’s the most technical, Adee’s got the biggest balls, Jeff is the most serious, and Edan drinks the most, shits the most, and speaks the best Chinese.



XXH: 因为街上的地形一般都不是完美的,所以我会说这个加速不太够啊,或者落地不太好啊,或者我腿还挺疼的。借口嘛想一下总是有的。

Skatehere: What is your favorite excuse to give to Adee when you don’t want to skate something?

XXH: Since alot of street spots aren’t very perfect, I would always say that there isn’t enough run-up, the landing’s a bit sketchy, or my legs kinda hurt. Now that I think about it, I always have excuses.




Skatehere: 你花了多久去拍摄这次的Welcome To the team的视频?有什么好有趣的故事可以告诉我们吗?

XXH: 这次拍摄时间只有一个星期。期间我们去了成都Five Star Barber Shop我和Adee还有Joe一人剪了一个头发,不过Adee的基本没变化,我和Joe的一时难以适应,哈哈哈

Skatehere: How long did it take for you to film your Welcome to FLY part? What was the story behind this video/trip?

XXH: This time for this video, I only had a week. We all went to Chengdu’s Five Star Barber Shop and me, Adee and Joe each got a haircut. Adee’s haircut was like nothing changed, but me and Joe both took some time getting used to it.




Skatehere: 如果你可以去全世界任何一个地方滑板,你最想去哪里滑板?

XXH: 我最想去东京或者哥本哈根。不过东京离得近,所以如果可以优先去东京。

Skatehere: If you could travel anywhere in the world to skate who would you bring with you to hype the session up?

XXH: I want to go skate Tokyo or Copenhagen the most. But since Tokyo is closer, I’ll probably go to Tokyo first.




Skatehere: 你现在最想练的动作是什么?你会去一个什么样的地形去做?

XXH: Kickflip BS Nose Blunt。我会去梦里试一下。

Skatehere:What trick would you like to perfect the most and what spot would you like to battle for a trick on?

XXH: Kickflip Backside Noseblunt. I’ll try them in my dreams.




Skatehere: 你接下来几年有什么计划?有任何滑板Trip吗,还是拍摄更多滑板Video还是参加更多比赛?

XXH: 我就打算一直滑,拍video 比赛 滑板trip我觉得都是滑板的一部分,所以都会去做。

Skatehere: What do you have planned for the next few years? Any plans on taking any skate trips, filming video parts and/or competitions?

XXH: I’ll just keep skating, filming, competitions, and skate trips are all a part of skateboarding so I’m gonna do them all!



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