本周五上海 FLY Streetwear十部本土滑板视频首映活动



这周五,由上海滑板店FLY Streetwear主办将给大家带来一个隆重的视频首映夜,当天在adidas 队伍签名会 之后10部由上海和深圳当地滑手拍摄和剪辑的片段会在当晚上映。除了蒙太奇片段,个人片段还会有旅行片段伴着Vedett啤酒贯穿整个夜晚。随着第二天周六adidas Skateboarding举办的Skate Copa Contest以及Demo表演,这周末的滑板氛围更是high到极点。首映将于晚上8:30在长乐路704号开始,活动会一直持续到深夜!记得过来,喝上一杯,支持当地滑板圈,来看看国内最躁的那些家伙!

This Friday, FLY Streetwear is hosting a video premiere night featuring 10 local skate videos filmed by and edited by locals in Shanghai and Shenzhen. There will be montages, individual parts and also tour videos shown throughout the night, accompanied by draft Vedett. The skate hype this weekend is strong, with adidas Skateboarding also hosting a Skate Copa Contest and Demo the next day on Saturday. The adidas Team Signing will be at 7 PM at the adidas Flagship store on West Nanjing Rd, be sure to come by FLY after!  Premiere starts around 8:30 PM on Friday night at 704 Chang Le Rd., and will go until the neighbors shut us down! Come through, grab a beer, support the local scene and see some of China’s finest shredding!!

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