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为了此次春夏系列服饰的发布,@Levis中国 与Skatehere合作,邀请摄影师@谢石terry 和@EricLaiii 来分别展示上海和深圳的滑板氛围。来自南京的谢石将和地形杀手@JayMeador-美德 、@klei_ber 在上海寻找非同寻常的地形进行拍摄。而来自深圳的Eric Lai则会和深圳滑手@林森桢 在当地拍摄“嗨仔的一天”。在接下来的几周里,Skatehere将会在微博和网站持续更新两位摄影师的作品,直到他们最好的作品在7月FLY Streetwear主办的摄影展上展出!不要错过我们接下来几周的活动照片哦!


For the Spring/Summer seasonal release, Levi’s Skateboarding teamed up with Skatehere to showcase the local skate scene through the eyes of photographers Terry Xie and Eric Lai. Terry Xie, from Nanjing, followed around infamous Shanghai spot hunters Jay Meador and Brian Kleiber to cruise through the city for unusual spots. Eric Lai, based in Shenzhen, teamed up with local Shenzhen ripper High Zai to shoot a day in the life. In the next following weeks, Skatehere will be updating the website and weibo with photos from these shoots, before releasing some of Terry and Eric’s best photos offline at a Photo Gallery Party hosted by FLY Streetwear in July. In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the photos, and stay tuned for more bangers in the following weeks!


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