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这是Ade第一部正式的个人滑板片段,他已经滑了三年,之所以他喜欢上滑板是因为他的同桌每天上课都在看滑板视频让他产生了很大的兴趣于是便开始了滑板。Ade喜欢在滑板上那种坚持和努力的过程。他的片段名字叫“耐心”Ade说是因为练一个动作,拍一个镜头,都需要很长时间的坚持还有努力,更重要的其实是耐心, 只有经过了那一些努力和磨难,才能得到成功。在这个片段中,Ade很好地利用了当地滑板spot民生广场的好地形,同时也探索了不少新地形,做了很多在南宁都没有人做过的动作。

This is Ade’s first ever official skate part. He’s been skating for 3 years. He started skating because during class he sat behind his friend who would always watch skate videos while the teacher taught, and instantly got hooked.  He’s fun to watch progress and works hard at skateboarding. In this part Ade makes good use of the local skate spot Minsheng Plaza and ventures into new territory, doing tricks that nobody else has ever tried in Nanning.









San skateboarding is a small skater owned skate brand from Guangxi, Nanning. Everyone involved rides the boards that they produce and that is why they are so passionate about creating the highest quality boards with graphics that reflect the things that they care about. Not only does San want everyone to have as much fun as possible skating they also care about you having life to the fullest. If you like these guys you can find them on weibo or ask your local skate shop about them.

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