adidas Skateboarding Unveils Samba ADV

New Edit Features Pro Team Riders

Rodrigo TX, Benny Fairfax, and Tyshawn Jones


adidas Skateboarding最近在波特兰发布了其最新的滑板鞋Samba ADV,也是由其经典的Samba足球鞋演变而来的,作为adidas最最经典鞋型之一,Samba足球鞋从65年前初次面世至今依旧在生产。在20世纪50年代为了适应冰冷的草皮首次引进了足球靴,到了70年代,Samba设计的演变也得到了完整的保留,包括其T字型的鞋头以及棕色生胶大底的特点。具有超前的风格,运动与文化含义十足的这双Samba ADV继承了品牌富有经验的足球鞋生产技术,同时也融入了更加适合滑板的设计和功能。

(Portland, OR) – adidas Skateboarding releases the Samba ADV – a remixed version of the classic Samba soccer shoe – one of the most iconic silhouettes from adidas still in production after its debut over 65 years ago. Introduced in the 1950s as a soccer boot to combat wintery turf, the evolutionary design of the Samba has mostly remained intact keeping to its classic T-toe and tan gumsole features since the 1970s. Transcending style, athletics and culture – the Samba ADV infuses the brand’s rich soccer heritage with skateboarding design and functionality.



在新的片段中以纽约为主要背景,由adidas Skateboarding Pro队伍的滑手Rodrigo TX, Benny Fairfax还有Tyshawn Jones出镜,片段开始大家都在各自的家乡滑板,后来又相聚纽约一起滑向城市的街头,在废旧的仓库里玩了起来。纽约那满是涂鸦的滑板场还有那些地下站点也给原来的那双Samba赋予了更多的影响和滑板文化。

In the new video with New York City as the main backdrop, adidas Skateboarding Pro team riders Rodrigo TX, Benny Fairfax, and Tyshawn Jones qualify the Samba ADV with an action skate edit that sees them separately in their home turf and eventually skating together in the city’s bold streets, gritty subways, and abandoned warehouses. New York City’s landscape of graffiti stamped skate parks and underground destinations make it the ideal location to touch on the rich history of the original Samba, terrace influences, and the golden era of skateboarding culture.



设计更符合滑手们所需要的舒适性、控板感以及抓板性,Samba ADV采用的麂皮和皮革鞋面增加了其耐磨性,同时内部的网面提升了舒适性,后跟的剪裁轮廓提供了支撑,精密的花纹则为你提供了精准的抓板性,更不用说其经典的大底以及模压鞋垫。

Designed to meet the skateboarder’s needs of comfort, board control and grip, the Samba ADV features a suede and leather upper for durability, internal mesh bootie for responsive fit, molded heel clip for support, directional tread for precision grip, molded sockliner and the classic cupsole.


Samba ADV将于1月1号在美国adidas专门零售店铺及adidas Skateboarding官网以$75的价格开始发售。

The Samba ADV will be available at specialty adidas retailers in the U.S. and the adidas Skateboarding website starting January 1. The Samba ADV will retail for $75.


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