#首映快报#周五上海乌鲁木齐路- EMERICA MADE CHAPTER 2



上海本地TeamHealthy团队在拿到Emerica Made Chapter 2这部片子后,决定准备举办一个非常DIY的室外首映活动,给在上海没有看过这部片子的朋友一个聚会以及看片的机会!大家也知道这部片子不是一部普通的video!是Emerica第二部长篇视频,其中将会有最让人期待的Jerry Hsu以及大boss Reynolds 的片段!之前介绍过的上海本地滑手小杰的啤酒车也会在现场跟大家一起chill!


Local Shanghai crew Team Healthy got their hands on the Emerica Made Chapter 2 video and is now hosting a free DIY outdoor video premiere at the local import store near Wulumuqi lu and Wuyuan Lu. For those who’ve seen the Made Chapter One, you know this is no ordinary homies video; we’re most excited to see some Jerry Hsu footage, and heard rumors of a Reynolds part as well. Limited amount of free beers, carrot sticks, and salami will be provided at the event. Did I mention Team Healthy has a beer truck coming after the premiere too? After party will be xtra healthy with some street beers, on the ever so famous Wulumuqi intersection across from Lawsons. Come join the healthiness Friday, bring your friends who used to skate, bring some avocado smoothies and don’t bring unhealthy people. See you Friday!



Post By: wolfhowl @ 九 27, 2016
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