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想象一下,当你刷街的时候,你的面前有一堵墙或台子,一个轻松的wallride或者wallie是何等帅气,现在实用随意的街头滑板动作再次回归,由于街头地形的不可控因素,身体与地面的碰撞和摩擦往往不可避免,所以大家也越来越注重裤子的韧性和耐用性,工装裤变成了现在街头滑手的主流,从1850年三藩市淘金热开始,工装裤的出现,它的耐磨性和对环境的适应性在极端环境的表现,得到了那个时代的肯定,没有想到的是,这种肯定一直延续到了今天滑板人的身上。中国现在需要滑板风格的多样性和新的玩法,这次我们回到90年代,让大家更了解当时没有非常多翻板动作的时期,举办一个wallie滑板视频比赛,条件:只要你在一条line中(至少2个tricks )里面包含wallride,wallie,手机或者任何专业非专业设备均可参加我们的活动,赢取丰厚Levis滑板款系列奖品! #levis直撞横冲滑板视频比赛#关注并且@Levis中国,@skatehere滑板网即可参与我们这次比赛。从今天开始到3/28日截止,我们将会选出3个获奖者,获得我们levis滑板系列奖品,如果没有等到大奖的朋友也不用担心,只要你的视频符合我们比赛的要求,Levis滑板为了鼓励所有滑手的创新和勇气,参与的滑手均可得到在skatehere官方网上商城消费levis滑板系列产品高达6折的优惠体验卷。
Workwear pants holds its place in skateboarding fashion as the most durable, resilient and simple kinds of pants out there. They’re basically made to get knitty and gritty, which is especially the characteristics found after bailing and eating shit over a trick you’ve been trying for hours. But if we’re talking about skateboarding fashion in terms of trick selection, I’m going to have to say that the wallie holds the title as one of the most fequently seen tricks in all videos now. You see skaters start lines with fat wallies or end lines with crazy wall rides. Hell, every other trick in Jake Johnson’s Static 4 part was some type of wallie or wallride variation. There’s something that’s trending around and if we can put our boards on it, it’s gotta be workwear pants and wallrides. They just click for some reason. That’s why Skatehere is hosting a wallie line contest to ring in the new season of Levi’s 2016 Skateboarding collection. We’re asking anyone and everyone to send in a clip of their best line with a wallie in it. To enter the contest, you must have at least 2 tricks and a wallie or a wallride variation in your line. It can be filmed on an vx1000, HD camera, or something as fancy as an iPhone. Just remember to upload your video onto Weibo, and @Skatehere滑板中文网  @Levi’s中国 and hashtag #levis直撞横冲滑板视频比赛#(Just copy and paste this for those who can’t read it) on weibo with your entry so we have a clear selection of who entered. Anyone who sends in a clip to us here at Skatehere automatically get’s a 40 percent off coupon for the Levi’s Skateboarding Collection in our online store. However, the best 3 wallie lines chosen get a Levi’s Spring ’16 Skateboarding Collection package, full with workwear pants, a collared shirt and a pack of tees. Contest ends 3/28!

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